A prose analysis of oscar wildes the importance of being ernest

Jack adopts an alter ego when going into town to avoid keeping up with the serious and morally upright behavior that is expected of him as guardian to his eighteen-year-old ward, Cecily.

When Gwendolen appears at his country house, Jack is discovered as a phony. In the city, he is known as Ernest. They can almost neglect any standards of choosing husbands except for their names, and what they care most is just whether the gentlemen's name are Earnest or not.

The thing has become an absolute public nuisance. The moral consciousness of the Victorian people can be known a bit from the religious commitment of Dr. The Victorian society fell in a passionate love with the idea of earnestness.

He is really a man named Ernest, and really is the brother of Algernon. The fact is constantly mentioned in the more expensive monthly magazines, and has reached the provincial pulpits, I am told; and my ideal has always been to love some one of the name of Ernest.

Compared with women's status of more easily yielding to the social circumstance, the men in the play are more free in thoughts and despise the conventions of society in some way, even though they can't make any substantive changes.

Life in Victorian society was full of hustle and bustle. The Importance of Being Earnest. The age of ideal may allude to the age of Victoria, when morality was emphasized in the whole society.

Critical research paper The importance of being earnest by oscar wilde Essay

Jack gives her his address. So the real meaning of marriage doesn't mean anything to them, marriage is a way to maintain or elevate their social status.

The Dandy To the form of Victorian melodrama, Wilde contributed the figure of the dandy, a character who gave the form a moral texture it had never before possessed.

But except that, what else can we draw from it? The faddish cult of living an earnest life was on the rise in the Victorian society.

A Satire on the Victorian Age in The Importance of Being Earnest

By making a mockery of the Victorian ideals, Wilde threw a satirical spotlight on the Victorian age as a whole. In this essay, two characters and their respective definitions of and approaches to earnestness will be compared and contrasted.

These phrases serve to add to the comedy value of the play. We are ashamed to hear such a declaration of love. Algernon may be the best example of such a person, who looks like a dandy but a cynic in the bone.

Of course, it's not right. Algy comes to know that Jack has come from the country to propose Gwendolen whom he is in love with. Elements of this play were comical to its audience for a reason; these reasons can tell us much about the world of s England.

He is a man of responsibility and respectability, and he is well-liked by others. Yet, this statement is not amusing to the characters in the play. Furthermore, while they generally agree that earnestness is important, they go about embodying it—or failing to do so—in diverse ways; lying, being hypocriticaletc.

Many other characters also express dandiacal sentiments and views.

Oscar wilde poems in prose analysis essay

This is humorous, because to Victorians-as well as to ourselves-it is important to keep business engagements. With the name Earnest Jack went to town to meet his friend, Algernon.In The Importance of Being Earnest, as Neil Sammells points out in his book, Wilde Style: The Plays and Prose of Oscar Wilde (Pearson Education Ltd., ), Wilde plays with this idea of the arbitrariness and slipperiness of signs.

He shows how respectable Victorian society depended upon signs, in the form of documents like birth certificates. THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST Set in England during the late Victorian era. The protagonists: two young aristocratic men, Ernest Worthing, and Algernon Moncrieff. Ernest, actually called Jack, was adopted at an early age by a Mr Thomas Cardew.

The Importance of Being Earnest, quite unlike her mother's methodical analysis of John Worthing's suitability as a husband, places her entire faith in a Christian name, declaring in Act I, "The only really safe name is Ernest".

"The importance of renaming Ernest? Italian translations of Oscar Wilde". Target. John Benjamins Publishing Place premiered: St James's Theatre, London, England. Themes of marriage, sexuality and class relations figure prominently in Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest" and still resonate with us today, said Cornell English professor Ellis Hanson, speaking at the 92nd Street Y in New York City June That being said, it is difficult to find a male character in Oscar Wilde’s "The Importance of Being Earnest" who possesses these three qualities of earnestness despite the two leading male roles portray "Ernest" part-time in the comedic play.

Flamboyant man-about-town, Oscar Wilde had a reputation that preceded him, especially in his early career. He was born to a middle-class Irish family (his father was a surgeon) and was trained as a scholarship boy at Trinity College, Dublin.

A prose analysis of oscar wildes the importance of being ernest
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